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New Zealand animals ebook

Introduction to New Zealand animals

Our short introduction to the amazing and unique animals of New Zealand, including a link to an accompanying online photo gallery.

New Zealand animals ebook (Smashwords)It is incredible what interesting animals evolved in New Zealand - due to 80 million years of untouched and uninfluenced evolution! It's right up there with Galapagos and Australia.

This ebook tries to inspire the reader to keep eyes open for more than Kiwi and penguins. Plan your wildlife viewing opportunities even before you travel to New Zealand.

Get ready for the trip of a lifetime and impress those Kiwis with your knowledge! With Maori names.

Table of contents

- Why New Zealand animals are unique
- Birds
- Insects
- Marine animals
- Wildlife encounters in New Zealand
- More information: websites and books

Plenty of animals to fall in love with!

Moa - Haast Eagle - Huia - Giant Penguin - Flightless wrens - Kiwi - Kakapo - Kea - Kaka - Kokako - New Zealand Falcon - New Zealand Kingfisher - Dotterel - Wrybill - White Heron - Blue Duck - Penguins - Tui - Bellbird - Pukeko - Takahe - Fantail - Bar-tailed Godwit - New Zealand Pigeon - New Zealand Oystercatchers - Australasian Gannet - Morepork - Rifleman - Albatross - Weka - Royal Spoonbill - Cormorant - Black Swan - Saddleback - Magpie - New Zealand Fairy Tern - Black Robin - Buller's Shearwater - Grey Warbler - Californian Quail - Mynah - Weta - Stick Insect - Praying Mantis - Giraffe Weevil - Puriri Moth - New Zealand Black Cockroach - Huhu - Sandfly - Cicada - Passionvine Hopper - Katipo Spider - Giant Centipede - Wasps - Velvet Worm - Glowworms - Hector and Maui's Dolphin - Long-finned Eel - Colossal Squid - Sperm Whale - Orca - Crayfish - New Zealand Fur Seal - Freshwater Crayfish - Sea Urchins - Short-tail Stingray - Tuatara - Kauri Snail - Hamilton's and Maud Island Frog - New Zealand Bat - Geckos - Leaf-vein Slug - Possum - Sheep

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Ebook: New Zealand Animals (EPUB)
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New Zealand animals ebook

New Zealand animals ebook

Other ebooks

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