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The Hobbit in New Zealand

Hobbit fever - New Zealand was a stage again for another Lord of the Rings saga! ‘The Hobbit’ book was written by JRR Tolkien in 1937. It is a prequel to the history of ‘The Lord of the Rings', here is a short summary:

‘The Hobbit’ is about the adventures of a hobbit called Bilbo Baggins, who one day is surprisingly visited by the wizard Gandalf and his dwarfs to be taken on a long journey. They encounter many creatures on the way, amongst those the lonely Gollum, who preciously guards an ancient ring with magical powers. It is Bilbo's fate to bring that ring to safety, a task that takes the Hobbit to the limits of his possibilities. He meets elves, dragons and orcs and in the end must survive a gigantic battle...

The heroes

  • Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit, who misses his five daily meals (at least) during the journey and would have rather preferred to stay at home.
  • Gandalf, the fascinating wizard with his dwarf helpers, however he frequently disappears during the story to deal with mysterious important issues.
  • Thorin Oakenshield, proud heir to the Dwarf throne, who still has a lot to learn along the journey.
  • Gollum, the astonishing creature that lives by an underground lake and guards his magic ring like the most precious thing on Earth...
  • Smaug, the dragon who captured Thorin's Kingdom and for a long time guarded the treasure under the lonely mountain Erebor.

The films

Even though ‘The Hobbit’ book is much less detailed than ‘The Lord of the Rings' the film was released as a three part epic, the parts being called 'An Unexpected Journey' (2012), 'The Desolation of Smaug' (2013) and 'The Battle of the Five Armies' (2014). It seems that director Peter Jackson didn't compromise on anything and the high budget of USD 240 million for the first film alone and over USD 550 for all of them was sufficient for a great spectacle. It also narrates background stories not mentioned in The Hobbit but other Tolkien sources, such as Radagast the Brown, the heydays of Moria, the Fall of Dale and the Lonely Mountain, etc.

The film was not only made in 3D but also with a higher frequency rate of 48 instead of the usual 24 frames per second. The perception of action scenes turned out to be much more intense and when the camera moves there is hardly any annoying delay-effect left.

At the box office 'An Unexpected Journey' proved to be just as successful as the Lord of the Rings sequels, it has surpassed the incredible 1 billion USD mark.

The filming locations in New Zealand

Check out some of those gorgeous spots when you travel:

  • Wellington Stone Street Studio in Miramar. Some old sets from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ were revived.
  • The well-known Hobbiton movie set on a farm in Matamata. The village had to be rebuilt since everything was dismantled after the last filming. The valley was especially irrigated so that in case of a drought the typical New Zealand green was still visible. This time the end result was a real theme park where you can enter the world of the Hobbits yourself.
  • Aratiatia Rapids below the Huka Falls.
  • Denize Bluffs, Piopio.
  • Turoa Skifield, Mount Ruapehu, Tongariro National Park.
  • Mangaotaki, Te Kuiti.
  • Eweburn Station, Te Anau.
  • Pelorus River, Nelson.
  • Rock and Pillar Range, also Speargrass Flat, Otago.
  • Earnslaw Burn, Queenstown.
  • Lake Pukaki and Braemar Station, Twizel.
  • Harwoods Hole, Takaka.
  • Paradise, Treble Cone.
  • Strath-Taieri, Dunedin.
  • Mount Doom in the Tongariro region was no longer used for location shoots as the local Maori tribe did not agree with this use.


  • Bilbo Baggins - Martin Freeman
  • Gandalf - Sir Ian McKellen
  • Gollum - Andy Serkis
  • Galadriel - Cate Blanchett
  • Saruman - Sir Cristopher Lee
  • Frodo Baggins - Elijah Wood
  • Legolas - Orlando Bloom
  • Thorin - Richard Armitage
  • New Zealand E-BookKili - Aidan Turner
  • Fili - Rob Kazinsky
  • Dwalin - Graham McTavish
  • Oin - John Callen
  • Bombur - Steven Hunter
  • Dori - Mark Hadlow
  • Gloin - Peter Hambleton
  • Bofur - James Nesbitt
  • Ori - Adam Brown
  • Beorn - Mikael Persbrandt
  • Great Goblin - Barry Humphries (Dame Edna Megastar)
  • Radagast - Sylvester McCoy
  • Lord Balin - Ken Stott
  • Drogo Baggins - Ryan Cage
  • Nori - Jed Brophy
  • Bifur - William Kircher
  • Thror - Jeffrey Thomas
  • Thrain - Mike Mizrahi
  • Lindir - Bret McKenzie
  • Smaug - Benedict Cumberbatch
  • Tauriel - Evangeline Lilly
  • Master of Lake-town - Stephen Fry
  • Beorn - Mikael Persbrandt
  • Bard - Luke Evans
  • Thranduil - Lee Pace
  • Azog - Manu Bennett

Some Hobbit Facts:

  • Length of first film: 166 minutes (plus 10 minutes of credits)
  • 266 days of filming
  • 3D with 48 frames per second (check for the HFR 3D logos at your cinema)
  • 99 sets
  • 6,750 domestic flights
  • 93,000 hotel nights
  • 1,800 rental cars
  • 1,650 work vehicles
  • NZD 380,000 spent on coffee - a quarter of the food budget
  • Overall a 540 million USD budget
  • Only Ian McKellen and Cate Blanchett appeared in all six Middle Earth films


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The Hobbit - A New Zealand film set in Middle-Earth....

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