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About New Zealand

This section explains why you should come to New Zealand, what you can expect to see and why travellers love it!

New Zealand landscape     New Zealand animals
New Zealand people     Maori culture
New Zealand culture
     New Zealand plants
New Zealand slang     Maori language course

  • What has created today’s scenery?
  • How does New Zealand protect its land area and animals?
  • What are the main landscape features?
  • What unique animals does New Zealand have?
  • Where can you best watch animals?
  • How did New Zealand's endemic plants evolve?
  • What are the major fruit growing industries?
  • Which are the most interesting New Zealand plants?
  • What special gardens can you visit on your trip?
  • How are Kiwis with travellers?
  • How do New Zealanders live these days and where do they come from? 
  • What are some famous Kiwis?
  • Who are the Maori?
  • Maori-Pakeha relationship
  • Who is Maori these days?
  • Maori values, language and arts
  • Some famous Maori
  • What items and habits are unique to New Zealand? 
  • Will I understand the New Zealand slang words?

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