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It is so big that it would take years of continuous travel to find all the highlights, there are many things that you simply won’t have time for. Instead of spending your time travelling from Stewart Island to Cape Reinga, what do you want to focus on, what shall be YOUR own highlights?

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We think the essence of travelling is to find out what makes a place and its people unique. New Zealand is certainly unique in many ways:

  • New Zealand Animals: E-BookThe youngest country on earth, it was the last to become populated
  • Not only a westernised country but thanks to Maori a real Polynesian island
  • Yes it is always green, even the trees keep their leaves in winter, with lots of sheep and cows
  • Welcoming, friendly and humorous people with pioneer spirit and a can do attitude
  • Landscapes as if from fairyland, the dinosaur age and fantasy dreams
  • A huge range of climates, from harsh alpine to subtropical
  • 80 mio years of independent evolution with 80% of New Zealand plants not found anywhere else in the world
  • Many fascinating animal species like Kiwi or Weta, sadly many of them are endangered
  • Gorgeous beaches that match any in the world
  • Some of the world’s best walks (and no dangerous creepy crawlies)
  • The world capital for tours and adrenaline activities
  • Maori Language CourseHome of the best subtropical diving, swimming with dolphins, whale watching, active volcanoes, geysers and hot springs, glowworm caves, penguin, seal and albatross colonies, modern museums, over 400 golf courses, around 400 wineries, etc.
  • An innovative place with a great quality of life
  • Most people live in the big centres, you’ll have almost all of it to yourself
  • New Zealand consistently enjoys highest ranking in the overall Global Peace Index

It is worth it to make the extra effort and learn about New Zealand both before and while you travel, to try to really understand how it all ticks and put things into new perspectives. You will enjoy better discussions with locals and travellers, have more to talk about back home and there will certainly be lots of opportunities to apply your new knowledge.

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Our goal with Tourleader New Zealand is to show you the best possibilities while you are in New Zealand and to equip you with the best reading material to help you prepare or to accompany you on your travels.

New Zealand travel tips

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Travel tips, travel information and interesting e-books for travellers to New Zealand.


The Hobbit - A New Zealand film set in Middle-Earth....

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